Watch It Burn

by American Television

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released January 24, 2020

All songs written and performed by American Television, All Rights Reserved

Engineered and Mixed by Pablo Cabrera at Analog Approach Studios
Mastered by Jesse Cannon at Cannon Found Soundation

Artwork by Chairman Ting
Photography by Ben Goldstein
©2020 Wiretap Records


all rights reserved



American Television Washington, D.C.

D.C. Punk Rock band.

New LP, WATCH IT BURN, coming January 24, 2020 via Wiretap Records.

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Track Name: Awkward Universe
For what it’s worth
We’re on the same course
And we’re searching for something more
But we just live our lives
Arguing who’s wrong or right
And we’re nailing it to a cross
We should traverse
This awkward universe
After all, that’s what life’s for
But we just lead our lives
Naive and blinded by pride
Unaware of what’s in store

What in the world do I know?

It can be cold
To go it all alone
So take a look before it’s dark
We shouldn’t waste all our time
Trying to be vilified
Grab my hand, let’s get lost

What in the world do I know?

We’re all on the same course
Traverse this awkward universe
Track Name: Standing Still
The world is changing
You’re just standing still
You pursued only half your dreams
And half of those came true
So talk of all your shortcomings
And how you almost did
Amount to something
Amount to nothing

And you’re holding on
To something from ten years gone
Gotta free your mind
You’ll finally move on

The clock is ticking
You’re just always noon
You achieved all your hopes and dreams
By the age of twenty-two
So talk of all your shortcomings
And how you almost did
Amount to nothing
Amount to everything you hoped you’d be

And you’re holding on
To something from ten years gone
Gotta free your mind
If you free your mind
You’ll finally move on
Track Name: Dead & Gone
To the people who dropped the guillotine
To the ones who take you to your knees
Where are they now?
Insults that cut you to the core
The ones that make you plead no more
Where are they now?

Take a look around, pry up the floorboards
Where your tears once fell, if these walls could talk
Just knock them down, leave them in the past
Nowhere to be found, they’re dead and gone

They’re dead and gone, moved on to better days
They’re focused on all the small things
Seen some wasted days, being a victim
Now they’ve got a taste

Now all the quiet ones, outspoken and free
And all the wicked ones are seated beneath me
Track Name: Drinks
Worn out welcomes
The weekend cadavers clean ourselves up off the street
Wait in line
For cold empanadas
Just something to soak up the drinks

Drag out the goodbyes through a city sunrise
These rooftops offer retreat
From the pace down there on the street

All these half poured bottles over broken hearts
All these unanswered questions take us back

Postpone the long walk home
Anything offers reprieve
My phone, just a dial tone
I’m so disconnected

All these half poured bottles over broken hearts
All these unanswered questions take us back to the start!

We’re all singing, singing because we’re drinking
Baby, are you drinking too?
We’re all drinking, drinking because we’re sinking
Baby, are you sinking too?
Track Name: Parasite
There’s no replacement once they can taste it
Love at first bite, it’s just a parasite
There’s no way to escape it
I think it’s time to embrace it
You’ve lost the fight, it’s just a parasite

Pay the price
Love at first bite

Sucked out
Bled dry
White collar parasite
Clocked out
This is what success looks like
Track Name: Dad's Song
It’s hard to smile
When all you catch is shit and slight
And the bastards grind you down
This is no life
To be served up hand to mouth
And expect it with a smile
So what is right?
Being scorned for what you’ve been told
Or standing up to make a change?
And if I’m wrong, you all just carry on
I’ll send myself on my way

After all this is what you’ve come to expect
We watched our fathers stick out their necks
Is this all?
A life of regrets
We were warned: make your own path
And take it

All the while, all we got are aches and pains
And the boss is sitting back
You spend your life following protocol
But in the end there is no friend
Track Name: Technology
We can’t ignore the screen
We care what everyone’s thinking
We’re socially networking
Missing things when we blink
Slaves to our routine
Still we find ourselves sinking
Self image we’re anchoring
To the Kool-Aid we drink

Don’t need inspiration for songs that we’ll never sing
Wasted potential in all of our suffering
We make bad decisions, not making amends
Fake with precision, we’re not making friends
And ironically there’s no apology

They control the world we see
Everything’s cut and pasted
It’s manufactured reality
Writings we can’t erase
Afraid of what we might be
Just talking shit when we’re wasted
Mass produce our mentality
And they decide what we taste

Don’t need inspiration for songs that we’ll never sing
Wasted potential in all of our suffering
Blind to the truth, maybe we’ll never know
Despite all the proof, we’re still part of the show
Oh technology

We lay out our lives chronologically

Where’s my apology?
Track Name: Wasteland, USA
When the world stops spinning free
And the sulfuric acid burns through our skulls
I know I wanna lay with you
Underneath these lava skies
And watch them burn

When the earth’s a fiery mess
And the atomic fallout just keeps our bodies warm
Please just avert your eyes as my skin peels off
I’m fine

So what’s the fuss?
Let’s just get fucked
Drink some gasoline
Sit back and watch it burn
Track Name: Misprint
When we were fifteen
Out past the edge of town
Breaking bottles and building fires
With no else around
Other kids, they called us freaks
But we didn’t give a shit
A couple of wanderlust anarchists

Feeling disillusioned
Holding back the screams
Sure we stood for something
For what, it’s hard to say the least
Don’t wanna end up another statistic
That the news will misprint

Got my six string and a microphone
It’s a sound salvation, radio
Put some records on and strum along
And these four chords will become our favorite songs
Let’s get in the van and play some shows!

An anthem of rebellion
Heart sewn upon my sleeve
I found a new religion
Greg Graffin was my priest

Now I’m 33, still raising hell
I’ve got a place to call my own suburban home
I still write my songs with my trusty chords
And pray to punk rock gods for a sing along
Track Name: Great Divide
I’m drained on the American dream
Even though we’re taught it’s equal
That’s not the way it seems
All the racist rhetoric
And the blatant classist lies
Magnify the great divide

Keep doing as we’re told
Their lies are getting old
We read between the lines
In the great divide

She’s sick in a hospital bed
She had to pay the bus fare
So she stopped her medicine
Now she works a second job
Just to pay the doctors off
When she looks at her scars
Man, it crushes her heart

The Great Divide

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